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Supa Embossed Polyester PET Strapping.
16mm wide
0.6mm diameter
1800m length
*Brand New*
*Original Packaging*
PET strapping can be applied manually with a tensioner and sealer or automatically with pneumatic or battery powered friction weld tools.
Supa Embossed PET is made for manual hand tools & PET battery tools. With its interlocking contours, you’re able reduce the tensioning force setting on your tools, increasing its motor and battery life.

Polyester Strapping (PET) is lightweight, strong and quick and easy to apply, when compared to other OH&S strapping alternatives requiring buckles. The smooth edges of PET are an added safety feature.

Original packaging, fully sealed and unopened. Ready for dispatch. ONE ONLY


*Shipping available via carrier at buyers cost.

Strapping - PET Supa Embossed

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