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Contains spinosad and is an effective treatment to clean up lice, blowflies, and maggots in sheep. 

Can be applied as a dipping fluid in plunge and shower dips for the control of lice in sheep with short wool (2-6 weeks wool). 

Can also be used as a jetting fluid to control lice and to treat and prevent blowfly strike in sheep with long wool (6 weeks-12 months wool). 

Controls lice in short wool or long wool.

Treats existing blowfly strike and prevents blowfly strike.

Zero (0) day wool and meat withholding periods.

Zero (0) day ESI when used for long wool jetting.

Allowable input on Australian Certified Organic properties.

Active constituent: 25g/L Spinosad. 

Extinosad Eliminator 250ml

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